Part 2 Departure

Sella in the morning

Our flight left at 7am on a Saturday morning and at that time things are quite smooth at Arlanda. If you go with Sterling the airfare is cheap but eat properly before you board because you won’t get anything onboard for free. The flight time to Alicante varies between 3.5 and 4 hours so bring your iPod.

Their “Air Café” is ridiculously over priced but that’s expected, isn’t it? On the way home they had a special offer on pizza slices, 58 swedish kronor for a tiny piece. What a bargain! If you’re smart you won’t buy anything onboard except for a cup of coffee.

Be careful to check the baggage restrictions. When we booked our tickets the web page said we could bring 30 kg each + 10 kg hand luggage but Sterling later changed that to 15 kg each + 10 kg hand luggage. That means you have to plan your packing. With a rope, wires, friends, carabiners, quick draws, slings etc. you don’t have many kilos left for other things. On the way home our two checked bags weighted in at 30.5 kg in total. So that was pretty close.

One idea is to put most of the clothes in the hang luggage. Clothes are not that heavy so you can fit almost all of them in the smaller bag. And as far as I know clothes are so far not on the banned from hang luggage list.

After arriving go pick up your bags then go to the rental car office before the last doors out into the arrivals hall.

Most likely you will be hungry arriving at lunch time and it might be worth while to look around and see if you can find something better than an expensive sandwich from the “café” in the arrivals hall. I didn’t see any places to eat along the highway along the way to Benidorm. Oh, wait, there was one, I think, just before Villa Joiosa but then it felt we were too close to Sella to stop.

Another smart thing to do before leaving is to plan the food. How many days are you going to eat out and how many days will you cook yourself? Bear in mind that in Sella there are only two restaurants that serve food in the evening (only one on Monday evenings) and they serve food in the afternoon (like 15-17) and in the evening after 20:30.

One evening we eat at Ca’isa i Toni (best meat in town!) in Sella and one evening at some odd place in Calpe. The rest of the evenings we cooked our own food. If you plan to make food yourself it’s a good idea to figure out what supplies you need and find a supermarket on the way to Sella from the airport. The “supermarket” and the over-the-counter shops in Sella only have the most rudimentary supplies but quite a decent selection of fresh vegetables and fruits.