Part 3 Living In Sella

If you’re staying at Villa Pico it’s the highest house in Sella. That gives you a fantastic view from the window in your room and an amazing breakfast scenery from the terrace. The only price you’ll have to pay for this is quite an exhausting walk from the car parking each day but it’s definitely worth it!

Benny and Harco are the wonderful warm hearted hosts at Villa Pico and they’ll do their uttermost to make sure you’ll enjoy your stay. Then you first arrive, don’t bring your heavy luggage with you on the first walk through the village up to Villa Pico. They will drive you down with their car so you can get it.

Don’t even consider driving into the village. Most of the roads were made with donkeys in mind and it’s a close fit even for a small car. After you’ve gone with Benny or Harco to get your luggage you will understand. The drive down and back up to the house is a bit like a roller coaster.


I mentioned eating in an earlier article. Don’t expect too much from the local grocery shops, it is after all a small village. During the siesta the shops are naturally closed. I couldn’t really understand when the siesta was but if the shop is closed it’s probably siesta.

At Villa Pico you get an excellent breakfast, preferable eaten in the sun on the terrace if the weather permits. For lunch we usually walked by the bakery on the way to the car and picked up some small pizza-like things and some bread.


The bakery is a wonderful place but don’t expect them to understand much English. That’s not a problem though because they are very helpful and pointing and a bit of “Si” gets you quite far. In this small village the local bakery seems to be the place where the women gather and gossip so if you have a few people ahead of you it might take awhile.

In the middle of March the sun rises at around eight (it was hard to judge due to the surrounding mountains) and it sets at seven. Breakfast at Villa Pico is served at nine, which might sounds late, but it’s perfect for a relaxing breakfast outside. The sun has just about started to warm enough so it’s not cold but the air still has a bit of the night’s freshness to it.


It’s important to realize that this early in the spring it’s the sun that makes it warm. So as soon as it gets cloudy or the sun sets it gets quite chilly. With chilly I mean it goes down towards 10 degrees celsius. Some nights it might even go below zero. Make sure you bring some warmer clothes, especially a wind proof jacket and a hat to use then belaying. It can be quite cold in the shade at the bottom of the crag. In the middle of the day with the sun shining it will be quite hot though.

Also consider that the weather in the middle of March can be quite unstable. You’re not guaranteed to get sun. According to our hosts the weather in April is a bit more predictable but then it’s already spring in Sweden and usually possible to climb outdoors on warm days.

Don’t expect your mobile phone to work everywhere, at the crags outside of Sella the coverage isn’t all that good but in the village your phone will mostly work but probably won’t get any 3G coverage. So you won’t be able to send MMS nor do any moblogging. Out near the coast the 3G coverage got better.

The people living in Sella are quite friendly and open to tourists but unfortunately don’t speak nor understand much English. They will usually try and help as much as possible anyway just be patient and allowing for the different culture. Don’t expect them to accept credits cards, even though we didn’t try I’m fairly sure it wouldn’t have worked. Instead make sure you get plenty of euro before you board your plane to Spain.