Part 4 Climbing

All climbing we did in Spain was on limestone. Coming from the granite in Sweden climbing on limestone was very different and quite hard at first. So expect some awkward climbing in the beginning before you get used to it. Limestone also has the special ability to get polished then many hands and feet have touched the same spot. This is unfortunately the case in Sella where most of the easier popular routes are polished or about to get polished.

Climbing gear

This was very unsettling at first, an incredibly good looking grip can be slippery as a wet soap and basically rendered useless. Luckily the further away from the main parking area you venture the less polished it will be. Also the harder routes are not climbed as much and are in pretty good shape.

More climbing gear

After I got used to limestone I started to like it. There are just so many incredibly fun grips, everything from small pockets to gigantic holes where you can put your whole arm in…

You need a guide book otherwise you really have no idea what you’re getting into. We ordered the latest Costa Blanca guide from rockfax and even though it might not be 100% correct all the time it’s overall pretty good.

Puig Campana

We brought all our climbing equipment with us which might be a bit unnecessary but on the other hand we figured we rather bring too much than not enough. We did not do that much trad climbing so I guess we could have cut down on that gear. But you never know, don’t you agree that Puig Campana looks very tempting in the setting sun!